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The Wel-V test provides accurate information on the biological efficacy of natural or chemical product against various cancer cell lines. Using specific cancer cell lines, including breast, colon and lung, our experienced molecular biologists carry out well-established colorimetric assays to assess how effective your supplied compound is at treating specific forms of the disease.

Technical details

Wel-V comprises three separate assays and techniques that analyse how your chosen compound performs against a particular cancer type. Assay 1 - We use an MTT assay to measure metabolic activity as an indicator of cell proliferation, viability and cytotoxicity. Viable cells have intact mitochondria and cell membranes that can react to the MTT reagent. If we observe decreased metabolic activity of the cells, the compound has caused cell death. Assay 2 - We perform a sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay to determine cell viability according to the cellular protein content. The SRB dye binds to the basic amino acids of cellular protein. The greater the cellular protein content, the lower the cytotoxicity of the compound. Assay 3 - Scientists conduct a crystal violet (CVE) assay to determine cell viability according to protein and DNA content. The crystal violet dye binds to the proteins and DNA of the cells. Similar to the SRB assay, the lower the absorbance observed, the higher the cytotoxicity of the compounds.

Why Wel-Screen?

Our chemists and molecular biologists use state-of-the-art equipment and validated protocols to carry out a detailed assay in our ISO 17025:2017-certified facilities in Greece and Switzerland. We’re one of Europe’s leading independent providers of contract research services. We will share our findings with you in a clear and easy-to-understand report.

How to order

  • Before you place your order with us, please download and print the test order form
  • Complete your order online
  • Next, fill out the test order form and sign the confirmation
  • Place your completed order form, confirmation and product sample in an appropriate parcel – we recommend wrapping your sample in protective packaging
  • Seal and send your parcel to us using the shipping label provided – be sure to include your order number on the shipping label
  • Once received, our chemists and molecular biologists use state-of-the-art equipment and validated protocols to carry out a detailed assay in our ISO 17025: 2017-certified facilities in Europe
  • Finally, we will send a bespoke Wel-Screen report by email within 14 days of receiving your sample
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